REJUVENATION! Full practice restored.

We are back and fully functioning. The last 18 months are behind us, and we have excellent
new options. Practice resumes here:

Walthamstow Leisure Centre next Sunday September 19th at 14.30
243 Markhouse Rd
London E17 8RN

And next Monday September 20 at 19.30

Thereafter we will be regular at those times. I really look forward to seeing everyone again and to picking up where we left off. This is lovely matted space with plenty of room for bukiwaza and taijutsu.

New students are welcome. Feel free to turn up, or to have a preliminary discussion call me 07949590788

The Twyford dojo will renew shortly, and an announcement follow.

Rushmore school is still subject to negotiation

I’m sure these arrangements will be a sound basis for us to continue our journey of Aikido discovery


COVID Edited September 2021

We continue to run three outdoor classes a week at Lammas Road WaterWorks Centre Nature Reserve and can now offer two indoor classes a week at the Walthamstow Leisure Centre E17 8RN. The classes are Sunday 2.30 to 4pm and Monday 7.30 to 9pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please see the Dojo news section for details.

AIKIDO is a traditional Japanese budo, ie a martial art concerned not only with practical technique but also with the positive effect that the unity of mind, body and spirit attained through training can have on daily life. The goal of our Aikido is self-development. There are no competitions, and strong emphasis is placed on helping each other in every way.

Aikido is for everyone. We have members aged between 5 and 80. All are welcome.

Training is slow and careful, and gradual development is emphasised. There is no need to be fit or strong to begin. Our instructors are qualified and insured by the Sport England recognised governing body (BAB), and we implement full child protection procedures.

The chief instructor Andrew Hathaway holds a 6th dan rank from the Aikikai Foundation, and all dan ranks are Aikikai registered.

Contact details

T: 0796 8796 777
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