Aiki no Ken (sword) program

  • Ken No Kamae (standing position with sword):
    • Migi (right)
    • Hidari (left)

  • Ken Suburi Nanahon (7 movements with sword)
    • Ichi no Suburi (1st movement)
    • Ni no Suburi (2nd movement)
    • San no Suburi (3rd movement)
    • Yon no Suburi (4th movement)
    • Go no Suburi (5th movement)
    • Roku no Suburi (6th movement)
    • Shichi no Suburi (7th movement)

  • Happo no Giri (cutting on 8 directions)
    • Aiki Ken No Awase Ho (two people blending exercises):
    • Migi No Awase
    • Hidari No Awase
    • Go No Awase
    • Shichi No Awase
  • Ki Musubi No Tachi (sword of the union of ki)

  • Kumi Tachi Gohon (5 sword forms against an attacker, plus variations)

  • Ken no riai

  • Bokken tori (against one or several partners)

  • Ken Tai Jo No Awase - Both Original and Current versions (sword-body-staff blending exercises against an attacker):
    • Choku Barai
    • Kaeshi Barai
    • Kaiten Barai
    • Ken Tai jo yon
    • Ken Tai jo go
    • Ken Tai jo roku
    • Ken Tai jo shichi
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