Why start aikido?

Aikido has something for everyone. It's a fun way to stay fit and learn basic self-defence, improve confidence, stability and posture, and exercise the whole body. For more on what aikido can offer to see our benefits of training page.

How do I start training?

The best way to join the club is to enrol in one of our Key Concepts Courses.

Do I need special clothing or equipment?

We train in a martial arts suit called a 'gi', which is provided free of charge when you sign up for a Key Concepts Course. You don't need to bring anything else to begin training.

What if I can’t train at the same time every week?

In addition to weekly courses, there are classes every day for a more flexible approach. Cost per session £12. Martial arts suit costs £25.

How fit do I need to be to start?

Aikido is suitable for all fitness levels and we have students from the age of 5-80

Where do you train?

Aikido is practised in a dojo, a matted area laid out in a traditional Japanese style. Our main dojo is in Stoke Newington but we also have branches in Acton and Wales.

Are there competitions?

We do not practice competitive aikido. Training is cooperative and by mutual agreement. The techniques are so effective that they would be dangerous if done competitively. Cooperation is part of the Aikido ethic.

How long before I’m a black belt?

Gradings take place every four months, and there are six to pass before taking the first black belt exam. We emphasise a thorough, instinctive knowledge of basic techniques, and most students find it preferable to spend several years in preparation for the senior ranks.

To find out more come and train with us!


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