Foundation Course

Our Aikido foundation course (minimum age 15) is designed to teach the principles underlying all of Aikido, and to develop a fit and healthy body.

The next course starts on Friday 21 June 2024  at 7.30-9pm and each class begins with a set of exercises which are in part standard ‘warm up’ movements and in part some Aikido specific moves. Once learned, these exercises can be practiced at home, with many benefits. The attached syllabus comprises a range of techniques, and they are taught in a way which highlights underlying principles. Once understood, these principles enable speedy assimilation of the full and fascinating world of Aikido

If you would like to discuss anything before registering, contact course instructor, Maciek Bojan - details below. The cost of the course is just £50, and a £20 deposit secures a place. We have 12 places available. This price includes a martial arts suit. Please let Maciek know your height (for suit size)when you register
Balance is due on or by week 1
There will be an introductory talk and demonstration at the start of week 1

Account Name: London Aikido Club (Andy Hathaway T/A)
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Account Number: 74243877
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Course timetable

Week 1. Defence against Lapel Hold (Muna dori)
Muna dori Ago Oshi, Muna dori Kokyu nage, Muna dori Kote gaeshi

Week 2. Defence against a Punch to Chest (Mune Tsuki)
Mune tsuki Kote gaeshi, Mune tsuki Kokyu nage, Mune tsuki Hiji Kime Osae, Mune tsuki Irimi nage

Week 3. Defence Against Hook Type Strikes (Entering Principle)
Yokomen uchi Ikkyo, Yokomen uchi Irimi nage

Week 4. Defence against a Shoulder hold (Kata dori)
Kata dori Kokyu nage, Kata dori Ikkyo

Week 5. Defence against a Sleeve Hold (Sode dori)
Intro to Jo Movements 1-5 of 31 Jo Kata
Sode dori Ikkyo, Sode dori Ude Garame

Week 6. Defence against Both Wrists held (Ryote dori)
Ryote dori Kokyu nage, Ryote dori Tenchi nage

Week 7. Defence against Invasion of Space (Shomen Uchi)
Shomen uchi Ikkyo, Shomen uchi Shiho nage, Shomen uchi Kote gaeshi

Week 8. Defence against Hook Type Strikes (Absorbing Principle)
Yokomen uchi Shiho-nage, Yokomen uchi Hiji gatame, Yokomen uchi Irimi nage

Week 9. Defence Against Knife Attack (Tanto dori)
Mune tsuki Kote gaeshi, Mune tsuki Hiji Kime Osae, Special Henka

Week 10. Review
Review of the course

Contact details

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