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We have over 30 years of experience in teaching Aikido and many students of the dojo have gone on to create their own dojos throughout the world. The keynote of what we now call Takemusu Aiki training is the emphasis on basics and building by degrees. Training is slow and careful, there is no need to be fit or strong to begin. All our instructors are British Aikido Board Qualified and insured.

Courses are offered to both beginners and experienced students of aikido. Experienced students may join any of the classes on the main timetable. Please feel free to simply turn up, all are welcome.

Beginners and experienced students can start at ANY class at the West London Location.

For students with no previous aikido experience, Key Concepts courses at the Stoke Newington dojo are a good basis for entering the mainstream of dojo activity. After completion of the course, your instructor will advise you on how to proceed with further aikido training.

There are two dojo options for beginners to choose from:


A course based around Key Aikido Concepts. Click here to see the full 10-week syllabus. Click on one of the course dates on the right-hand side of this page to find out more!
Tue.8.15-9.45pmKey Concepts courseDojoMaciej Bojan Shodan
Wed.6.30-8pmKey Concepts courseDojoMaciej Bojan Shodan
Fri.7-9pmKey Concepts courseDojoColin Langlais Nidan
Sun.10-12pmKey Concepts courseDojoGreg Creese Shodan



If you can't attend courses at regular times, we are happy to create an individual beginners training timetable. Interested students who want an individual training timetable can attend any of the classes marked 'general tuition' on the timetable page.

A senior student will work with you on a one to one basis. These classes are most suited to students who need a flexible routine, as regular attendance on the same day and time each week is not necessary. There is no need to book in advance for these classes.

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