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The London Aikido club was created in 1977 to pursue traditional Aikido. The meeting of our head instructor with Morihiro Saito Sensei in 1980 caused the dojo to take a new path. We were so impressed with the Aikido of Saito Sensei that we dedicated the dojo to the study and pursuit of his teaching. Since the passing of Saito Sensei in 2002, we have remained close to this tradition through our international association with the Shihan (master teachers) that he left behind. 

We have over 30 years of experience in teaching Aikido and many students of the dojo have gone on to create their own dojos throughout the world. The keynote of what we now call Takemusu Aiki training is the emphasis on basics and building by degrees. Training is slow and careful, and there is no need to be fit or strong to begin.

Training includes unarmed practice and use of the jo (stick) and the ken (sword). 

We are members of and fully insured by, the British Aikido Board, the governing body for Aikido in the UK. 

We are also members of the Aikikai Foundation, the World Aikido Headquarters associated with the Founder's family. All our instructors are Aikido Board qualified, and our dan ranks register with the Aikikai. The chief instructor Andrew Hathaway holds a 6th dan rank from the Aikikai Foundation. Click here for the Aikikai website.

If you need more help and advice, feel free to call at the dojo during any class.

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